Written by Bert Caluori on 01.10.14

Over in Little Burgundy is the aptly named Burgundy Lion bar. With a wide array of beers and dishes to choose from, this local bar has made a name for itself and has had locals and tourists alike go out of their way to come for a drink.

Although we consider British pubs to be synonymous with beer, what is surprising is that Burgundy Lion has one of the largest collections of whiskey in the city.

Now, just to put this in perspective, what we consider to be whiskey is not so simple; it is actually quite a complicated and specific distinction. To begin with, it is an alcohol distilled from fermented grain mash (corn is also used and is therefore an exception to this).

Whiskey is then separated into scotch, bourbon whisky, and rye. Each of these has its own history and is made with different ingredients. For example, scotch is a whiskey that comes from Scotland, the same way champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. Even though a scotch is whiskey, a whiskey is not necessarily a scotch. As confusing as it may sound, once you taste it and understand the history, you will see why people take whiskey and all of its diversity very seriously.

With so many nuances in the history of this proud alcohol, many people are confused as to what is the difference between each type and then wonder where to get started in their discovery. That’s where Burgundy Lion comes to the rescue. With over 400 whiskeys to choose from, you can start learning about the various whiskeys from the Highlands or the Western Isles. You can sample some single malts, blends of Swedish whiskeys, as well as Indian and French whiskeys, among many other selections. They also have private collections with some priced between $7.50 and $150.

If you are serious about learning all there is to know about whiskey, there is no better place to start than Burgundy Lion. All it takes is a couple trips and you will be on your way to being an expert (and you’ll increase your alcohol level tolerance along the way).

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