Written by Dahlia Merlo on 15.11.16

Walk through Old Montreal and you’ll find scores of souvenir shops with corny keychains and tshirts that, let’s face it, as a Montrealer, you wouldn’t be caught dead in. Those are for the tourists who will buy them in excitement and then let them gather dust at the back of an old drawer. What if we told you, however, that we knew of Montreal souvenirs that don’t suck, and that you’d definitely want to get your hands on?


Main and Local have swoon worthy Montreal souvenirs that aren’t limited to a cute Caribou and a Mounty. They take inspiration from iconic Montreal landmarks and the little things that truly make this city what it is, which is amazing. These are souvenirs for Montrealers. Tourists will obviously appreciate them, but it’s the locals who will cherish them.


The categories are split into accessories, apparel, house & home decor, novelty goods, and print & stationary. Accessories include tote bags, socks, pencil cases, coin purses, keychains, hats, jewelry, phone cases, and more. House & home decor has pillows, mugs, coasters, magnets, and more.


What matters, however, is not the kind of goods you will find, but instead what is on these souvenirs. The iconic Five Roses sign, our Montreal logo, retro Dépanneur signs, the list goes on.


You can find metro line shoe laces, vintage bus tickets printed on coin purses, and some French Canadian swear words (cr*ss, ost*, phoque off). Our food industry is very well represented with Montreal bagels, smoked meat, poutine (can anyone say, poutine tuque?), and our iconic Orange Julep.


How can we forget the never ending construction season in Montreal? Well, Main and Local haven’t. Find orange construction pylon salt and pepper shakers, no parking tea towel set, and construction sign coasters.


And what about the Habs? They’re definitely well represented with an adorable knit jersey for babies, a jersey pillow, and a forum tray (perfect for at-home Habs night).


Main and Local have made it easy for locals to wear and display their Montreal pride with great conversation pieces that show our love for the city, the good and the bad. And it’s also a great way for tourists to come home with souvenirs that better represent the city, and that won’t collect dust in a closet somewhere.


You can find Main and Local goods at ArtPop, Centre Phi, Clark Street Mercantile, and more. They also have a kiosk open at Place Montreal Trust. Or, you can visit their website and buy online by clicking here.


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