Written by Ania Szneps on 28.02.17

Today’s uncertain and turbulent politics offer no shortage of inspiration and material for artists to use in their various mediums. Eric Clement, who has been working professionally as an artist for five years, has done just that with his exhibition (sm)ALL GOOD THINGS currently up at Station 16 Gallery.

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The Toronto-based, Montreal-born artist has a long-held fascination with hip-hop, comics, and collecting. These interests are perfectly represented in his work, from his take on popular slogans and logos, to reinterpretations of action heroes, to mixing comic book graphics and lyrics such as fellow Canadian Drake’s in his acrylic on wood piece “Started from the Bottom” (a great literal representation).

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But what is it that fuels this artist to keep producing? “For me it refers to this sense of humour that exists in the face of tremendous inequality people from all walks of life come up against,” explains Clement, describing his pieces as “the tongue in cheek response to bleak socio/political issues” so prevalent today.

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Although this exhibition focuses on his smaller-scale pieces (hence the name), with many featuring the artist’s use of acrylic on wood panels, Clement’s choices in mediums do go beyond that. “People have said in the past, ‘it looks like a print, why not just do that?’,” in reference to some of his paintings (there have been two editioned prints released for this show). However, Clement maintains that he “can’t shake being drawn” to the aforementioned acrylic, even though his résumé includes painting murals and using oil paints and digital formats.

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Oh, and if you’re still questioning whether parody (and maybe a little bit of a flippant attitude?) are truly present in his work, when asked if the message behind the paintings of Stormtroopers and Thor covered in chocolate was a critique of consumerism or rather just an admiration of these bad boys’ physique, Clement answered “definitely Hunk status!! Hot shit, hahaha.”

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(sm)ALL GOOD THINGS will be on display at Station 16 Gallery until March 4, 2017.

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3523 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2X 2T6
(514) 849-8016

Photos by Ania Szneps (@doughboy.89) and Station 16 Gallery. 

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