Written by Dara Larocque on 28.06.14

In such a fast paced world, we often forget to slow down and take in our surroundings. Imagine if you spent every day in slow motion: think of all the minute details and simple beauty you would be able to appreciate. This is the life of a sloth! The Biodome’s new mascot knows a thing or two about slowing down to smell the roses and this summer’s theme is all about taking time to notice all the incredible details in nature.

Nature’s Slowpokes, which started on June 7, 2014 and is running until October 26, 2014, invites you to experience the Biodome in a whole new way. Help create a collective melody through the new Symphony of Life, a colourful mobile installation with interesting facts about slow-moving creatures, and then follow the path to the new sloth habitat where you can get up close and personal with these fuzzy critters. They usually hide high up in the trees or in their protective boxes and hidey-holes, but if you’re lucky, one will come out for a leisurely stroll through the branches.

As part of this initiative to immerse the viewer into nature, Espace Pour La Vie’s theme will be hosted in other facilities including The Botanical Gardens. Multiple events focusing on taking a break this summer from our every day hustle and bustle include: Cocktail Time at the Garden, from June 19th to August 30th every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Grab a drink in the garden’s terrace amidst the colourful and exotic plants and listen to the live music. The Botanical Gardens will host a different performer every evening. In addition, the Botanical Gardens will be hosting a series of artists performing through the different garden spaces every Sunday from May 18th to August 30th.

This summer, take a hint from our new local mascot: slow down and take in all the beauty and charm our city has to offer.

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