Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 28.07.17

2017 is a very exciting year for tennis. For those who have been paying attention, the Big Four (Nadal, Federer, Djokivik, and Murray) have dominated the circuit for years. However, it has been nearly 10 years since the original dominating duo of Nadal and Federer were making everyone else look subpar. And so it is this year, with the greatest player of all time Roger Federer and the greatest clay player of all time Raphael Nadal winning the three Grand Slams of 2017. And so, seeing these two dominating forces come back to the Roger’s Cup in Montreal is very exciting.

From August 4th to 13th, we will get to see these monsters of tennis face up against all of the world’s top 70 players including Milos Raonic, Canada’s own top ten player. Unfortunately, it has just been announced that Djokivik is out for the rest of the season. But never fear, there won’t be a shortage of star players. Jarry Parc’s Uniprix Stadium will host these elite athletes for the ten day stay, though the on-site activities offer much more than just watching tennis. While the stadium itself is the main draw, there are multiple side courts that are accessible with the grounds pass. These are not available in advance but they allow you to wander the practice courts where many of the players will be playing early rounds and practicing in the later rounds. It’s a great way to see your favourite players on the cheap! But be careful, the seats are first come first served.

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Speaking of tips for the Roger’s Cup, this year will be the second time the Bracket Challenge will be running. By downloading the app and trying to figure out who will win where, you have a chance of winning up to 1 million dollars. That’s a free bet anyone would take. And that isn’t the only thing to win as the grounds of the Roger’s Cup are full of games of all kinds with a variety of prizes from tennis rackets to balls or just plain cash. Which is nice considering the merchant area has anything you might want in terms of tennis gear. Maybe it’s time for you to start training to be part of the Next Big Four. Where better to start?

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Roger’s Cup Montreal is the only place you’ll get to see these amazing male athletes on full display short of a 6 hour drive. As main court tickets are going fast, we suggest getting yours as fast as you can. The earlier days range from $25 to $235 whereas the final days are all but sold out with only a few tickets in the $150 range left.

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