Written by Natasha Vincelli on 26.04.17

Calling all mamas, papas, glamas, and guardians: this news is for you! NDG is home to Montreal’s first baby-centric café, Biscuits & Confetti. That means, no more side-eye from students, no more squishing your stroller between two tables and definitely no more stink eye from the staff when your toddler starts crying. Biscuits & Confetti has thought of all your previous plights and has created a space where you can feel comfortable bringing your baby, toddler, or little one.

Biscuits & Confetti [cafe] 5

So let’s dig into the good stuff: for starters, they have a stroller parking station as you walk in (like whattttt), with tons of space for leaving your stroller and hanging up your coat. Also, you’ll notice all the tables are super spread out. Contrary to the belief that they are catering to those of us who do NOT have our summer bodies under control, it’s so that you can park your stroller right beside your table without disrupting anyone.

Biscuits&Confetti [cafe] 3

Biscuits & Confetti has a play area right in the middle of the café so you always have an eye on your kiddie. The café also has a reading nook in the corner, with a cute reading tent!

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This is where you come in, parents and guardians: Biscuits & Confetti is also a full café serving up delicious Canadian coffee by Phil & Sebastian with decaf options always available.

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Because it’s called Biscuits & Confetti, you know there’ll be treats galore! We got to sample some of their cupcakes and let’s just say, even people without kids will come around. They also serve kid-familiar lunches like grilled cheese with a juice box.

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The best part is, they have a huge studio at the back that will be used for kid activities like art and crafts but also adult activities like yoga! You can sign your child up for whatever activity is taking place, under adult supervision, so that you can take some time to catch up on emails or just sip some coffee. There is even the option of renting out the room for medium size events like birthdays and baby showers.

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Finally, a cozy and welcoming environment where parents, guardians, and most of all kids, can feel comfortable and catered to! Stop by and check them out on Sherbrooke St. West.

Biscuits & Confetti [cafe] 6

5712 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H4A 1W8
(514) 488-1111

Photos by Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash) and Biscuits and Confetti.

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