Written by Dahlia Merlo on 03.05.17

We don’t often ask you to go to Laval, dear readers, but this time we are imploring you. Beroya is a new Syrian restaurant that has graced us with its presence and we are overjoyed. The food is THAT good.

Beroya syrian restaurant laval

The space is huge, perfect for a dinner party. The bar is something to behold, with Middle Eastern details and bright beckoning lights. The restaurant is colourful without being too bright, giving it an understated beauty that we just love.

Beroya syrian restaurant laval 2

Now for the food. The menu is extensive, which means you’ll want to try everything. To solve this pesky problem, we suggest you go with a big group and share. Or better yet, go back, again and again until you’ve tried the whole menu.

Beroya syrian restaurant laval 7

To start, we love their variety of dips. The Eggplant Moutabbal is a velvety dip with mashed grilled eggplants, yogurt, tahina, and garlic. Their Beet Moutabbal is just as delicious, mixing beets with tahini to give you a unique and potent flavour. The garlic labneh is another winner if you want a creamier dip that screams comfort food. And what shall you use to dip into these? Why, their homemade, fluffy, hot from the oven pita bread. You’ll ask for seconds, we promise.

Beroya syrian restaurant laval 8

Many items on the menu allow you to order one at a time, like the cheese rolls and their Kebbeh Hamiss. This makes it easier to try a variety of dishes without having to unbutton your pants (yet).


Like all good Middle Eastern restaurants, Beroya serves Kebbeh Neyeh, which is their version of a beef tartare. It is mixed with bulgur, red pepper paste, and onion. It is very different from the beef tartare that you’re used to and we promise it is delicious.

Beroya syrian restaurant laval 6

The kebbeh at Beroya is very different because they use a mix of Syrian spices that is different from their Lebanese and Egyptian counterparts. We love the Kebbeh Mabroumeh, which is rolled and grilled kebbeh stuffed with minced meat and Aleppo pistachios. So original and tasty!

Beroya syrian restaurant laval 4

Our favourite dish by far has to be the Kabab Karaz. The finely minced meat is seasoned with Aleppo spices and then grilled on charcoal. The dish is then covered in a sour cherry sauce that is absolutely to die for. You’ll fall in love with this dish at your first bite. This dish is a traditional Syrian dish from the town of Aleppo, and we are so grateful they brought it here for us to try.

Beroya syrian restaurant laval 9

For dessert, we recommend the Bouza and Ghazel el Banat, mastic and achta ice cream served with Syrian cotton candy and pistachios. It’s definitely a huge dessert, so order as a group!

We loved Beroya‘s food and their welcoming staff. We can’t wait to go back and try everything we didn’t yet get to try! We hope we’ll see you there.

3455 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 1A2
(450) 681-2020

Photos courtesy of Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii) and Montreal Food Divas (@mtlfooddivas).

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