Written by Jonathan Naccache on 02.06.14

This Friday, June 6th, TorréFiction, a lively coffee shop on Laurier Avenue, will be hosting a very special free of charge photography exhibition by photographer Kathrin Vogt: born and raised in Germany and avid nature lover.

After relocating to Montreal in 2011, Kathrin’s work took an interest into abstract photography just as her initial excitement for city dynamics had started to ebb away a little, rekindling her appreciation for big city life and stories that lie within it.


Her exhibition ”These Humble Walls” aims to capture the often overlooked beautiful details in a busy city, in this case our beloved Montreal, hidden in the streets and back alleys of the Plateau Mont-Royal, where unpretentious yet colourful walls tell their quiet stories to those who want to see them.


In Kathrin’s own words:

”With nature being less available and the ugly elements of big city life more obvious, it makes sense to take more time to look closer, beyond the surface; to linger a little longer, doubting first impressions, getting in better touch with all these still new and not always inviting surroundings.”


”Straightforward everyday observations can be quite intriguing with the freedom to reduce and to crop the observable. It has much to do with the attraction of – and the search for – the often unseen but remarkable, the memorable patterns beneath the visual routine, sometimes simply the impression and sentiment of a moment; with the wish to isolate, frame, outline and underline seemingly insignificant details.

Approached this way, the city seems to reveal more of its charming features, and even nature regains a fascination – in its very urban form of existence.”


While the vernissage will take place on Friday between 6:00-9:00pm, the exhibition itself extends for the whole month of June and July. Kathrin’s photography will be available to purchase all through the month of June and July at the same location.

807 Avenue Laurier Est, Montréal, QC H2J 1G2
(514) 798-0807