Written by Céline Yang on 01.09.16

Located on Beaubien Street perpendicular to Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Moustache Café is hard to miss. Even for a first-time visitor with a terrible sense of orientation, we knew we were heading to Moustache Café when we saw the wooden panel hanging outside with… well, a moustache on it. It’s thick, black, and noticeable.


As we stepped inside the coffee shop, we also immediately saw something else that is thick, black, and noticeable: Jays, a Labrador and Bernese Mountain Dog mix. He, also, is very hard to miss. At times, you can see him sleeping casually against the wall. Or in front of the counter. Or at the feet of a customer. Case in point, an adorable dog like Jays is always good company in our book.


Now, let’s talk about the food. We decided to go with the Jiji sandwich along with the Mango Green smoothie. The weather was bright and sunny, so we had lunch outside on the mini terrace, which was decorated with lovely flowers and plants. The Jiji sandwich was absolutely delicious. It had turkey and cranberries inside, which tasted perfect together. The Jiji came with nachos and salsa on the side as well, which was an ideal little snack to munch on.


We were also very satisfied with the choice of smoothie. The Mango Green had this beautiful green colour to it and tasted very fresh, as any fruity smoothie should be.


Obviously, we couldn’t leave Moustache Café without trying their famous cold brew coffee, which tasted amazing. It’s cold, it’s thirst quenching, and it tastes good. It’s a perfect alternative for a hot summer day.


Overall, we would highly recommend Moustache Café if you’re looking for a cozy and friendly spot. And if you’re dog lovers like we are, even better!


Photos by Montreall.com’s Jonathan Naccache (@jon_webist).

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