Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 04.12.17

Over the years, we have raved about Le bOucan’s ability to be so incredibly consistent in its smoking excellence. We have also mentioned a couple of times that there might be a brunch in the works. Well finally, after what seems like an eternity, Le bOucan has finally rolled out its brunch; and the wait was well worth it!

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Le bOucan is a master at smoking food and making those amazing staples of BBQ like pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. However, brunch is more subtle. It requires a lighter touch with the same amount of flavour but much less heaviness. Thus, it was a beautiful thing to see that the dishes on the brunch menu have that perfect balance of flavour and lightness that allows people to get up and get on with their day afterwards.

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For example, the Hawaii 5-0 French Toast ($17) has a perfect coconut crusted piece of bread surrounded by fried pineapples and amazing smoked pieces of ham. Each part is so delicious on its own but combined, the wonderful hint of coconut and deeply sweet pineapple balances out with the salty-smoked ham.

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That isn’t to say that there aren’t the staples we love from Le bOucan. In fact, the Pulled Pork Pie ($15) is a deep bowl of Le bOucan’s perfect pulled pork topped with a beautifully crisped pie crust. It’s that delicious smoky/sweet taste we’ve pined over for years. However, aside from the oldies, something truly original and fun has come out of their brunch menu: a Parfait Old Fashioned ($14). Now, to be completely candid, we ordered this assuming this was French for ‘the perfect old fashioned’. But it is not. Instead, we received a vase full of a bourbon and orange soaked corn bread, tangerines, and almond brittle, all awash in mascarpone cream. We can safely say this was probably the most delicious accidental order ever! The rich cream mixed with the sweet corn bread balance well with the orange bitters and smoked almond brittle. The whole thing dances in your mouth like a 2am rave of flavour.

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Speaking of what we do at raves, the drinks are quite formidable themselves. There are, of course, brunch staples like the deliciously spicy Bloody Caesar ($10), but there is also an entire selection of mimosas. Orange juice move over, we had the apple pie mimosa with apple cider and a caramelised sugar rim. It was the perfect integration of fall’s bounty into our brunch.

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And so, we will be going back, as we always do, to Le bOucan. For the friendly atmosphere and the great drinks… but mostly for that smokey/sweet food that just keeps on hitting the right spot, whether it be for supper, lunch, or weekend brunch.

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2863 Rue Masson, Montréal, QC H1Y
(514) 903-8220

Photos by le bOucan and Jonathan Brouillette (@darksteelangel).

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