Written by Alex Jurecko on 15.12.15

Over the last year, Les Cocottes have cooked themselves into the hearts of Montrealers with their soul-warming stews. Now, for their first birthday, the cozy restaurant on Beaubien Est treated guests to a festive menu, complete with an exquisite wine list and a choice of locally brewed beers.

Les Cocottes Montreal Restaurant 03

The kitchen kicked off the evening with an array of food platters and appetizers, including beautifully decorated plates of charcuterie. From the moment the first food-laden trays hit the tables, guests were spoiled with a continuous flow of culinary delights, featuring many items off Les Cocottes‘ winter menu. The Caribbean fish cakes, one of the undisputed highlights of the canapé-round, were devoured within minutes. No wonder, as they were absolutely delicious!

Les Cocottes Montreal Restaurant 10

Trays decked with beef and salmon tartare soon followed the appetizers. Then, another mouth-watering surprise awaited the guests: sliders stacked with bacon and juicy beef patties, and, to top it all off, homemade foie gras!

Les Cocottes Montreal Restaurant 08

The happy eating and mingling was accompanied by live music, which set the stage for the restaurant’s signature dishes: the Cocottes. These steaming stews come in different styles, whether Quebecer, Provençale, or even as far East as Orientale, and are served in cast iron pots. They are, no doubt, a perfect comfort food, warming even the coldest of Montreal evenings.

Les Cocottes Montreal Restaurant 02

A range of luscious desserts, including chocolate covered cream puffs (yum!), assorted pastries, and syrup-infused marshmallows delivered a sweet finish to a well-rounded menu. The tasty eats where further complemented by the restaurant’s locally sourced beers, freshly delivered by Montreal microbreweries. Happy birthday indeed, Les Cocottes!

Les Cocottes Montreal Restaurant 09

The restaurant’s colourful menu is inspired by the travels of owner and globetrotter Jonathan Cohen, who successfully marries international influences with traditional Quebecois tastes. So, let’s not wait, join Les Cocottes for deliciously warming stews or weekend brunches in the heart of Little Italy! Check for Les Cocottes updates and marvel at their food on Instagram and Facebook.

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Photos by Alex Jurecko (@alexjurecko).

51 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H2S 1R1
(514) 276-5880

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