Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 21.08.17

If you are a hardcore foodie and you follow global trends in cuisine and deliciousness, then you may know that Lima, Peru is one of the most impressive cities to eat in right now. The people are from so many diverse cultures and have access to such a bounty of amazing ingredients that the chefs there are making the most mouthwatering concoctions you will ever try. Thankfully, Montreal was lucky enough to poach one of their excellent chefs: Chef Marcel Larrea. His kitchen at Tiradito is currently putting out some of the best food in all of Montreal. If you have a mouth and a tongue and can taste flavours of any kind, eat here. It is, in a word, outstanding.

tiradito montreal peruvian restaurant 2

Tucked in an unassuming part of Bleury, Tiradito is serving Peruvian inspired tapas with simply out of this world flavours. Take for instance the Lobster Causa ($14). Describing what each component may very well be beyond our ability, but the crispiness on top matched with the lobster mix in the middle and the fluffy purée on the bottom hit every flavour note one after another. Sweet maple syrup balanced with Amarillo peppers and salty roe as well as buttery lobster. The whole thing dissolves in your mouth and you instantly want more.

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The Papa Rellena ($7) is two fried balls of potato and beef floating on a bed of sweet chili sauce. But though a dish like that should be heavy and feel greasy in your mouth, it is anything but. The buttery mashed potatoes and light frying serve only to highlight the non-greasy beef inside. The fact that the sweet chili sauce is good enough to spoon into your mouth alone also helps. Every dish we tried was way above expectation.

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The Spicy Cauliflower ($8) was great but the coconut stew below had us sipping directly from the bowl. The Butifarra Sandich ($8), a BBQ duck in a steam bun, is packed with crispy flavour and rolled in a perfectly cloudy bun. The list goes on…

tiradito montreal peruvian restaurant 4

It’s hard to stop talking about the food at Tiradito with so many incredible dishes, but it has to be mentioned that the drinks and the bartenders who make them are equally great. The El Vato ($13) is a unique tasting drink, something like a from-scratch piña colada with sesame. The sweet pineapple and rum are balanced with the distinct taste of sesame for something quite unique.

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The Silver Genepy ($12) is also a great choice with tequila, bitters, and mint coming through. The bartenders know their stuff and are always happy to discuss what dishes and drinks we’d like best. With such a relaxed and happy atmosphere, it’s obvious that bringing friends to Tiradito for a night of drinks and incredible tapas is an inevitability.

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Tiradito is a gift from the Peruvian gods and we will embrace it with open arms. The people are friendly and efficient, the food is exceptional, and the drinks are good enough that you will pick up conversations with everyone around you (as we did). And perhaps in going there, you will be as lucky as we were in meeting an older Peruvian man who told us all about the wonderful melting pot culture of Lima. In his words “You need to try every dish here! Every Dish! With Tiradito, Lima has nothing on Montreal anymore.”

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1076 Rue de Bleury, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1N2
(514) 866-6776

Photos by Jonathan Brouillette (@darksteelangel).

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