Written by Dahlia Merlo on 18.08.17

With Montreal’s volatile weather (ahem global warming, we see you), we can’t always expect clear skies and a sunny day. It’s been raining pretty often, and on your day off, you don’t want to stay cooped up in the house. But what to do? You’d be surprised to know that Montreal has a plethora of fun and exciting activities to do on a rainy day that don’t involve you getting soaked to the bone. This list will also apply to the winter months for those of you who think winter sports are overrated (or just too damn cold).

Jump on a Trampoline

iSaute trampoline rainy day montreal activity

Dear readers, trampolines aren’t just for kids! We have to admit that we had an absolute blast when we went to iSaute. Picture an entire room filled with trampolines, perfect for parkour enthusiasts or just people who need to let off some steam. Try to dunk a basketball while trampolining (trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds), and watch the pros with envy as they do double and triple flips with ease.

Check Out a Museum


If you’re looking for a more cultured activity, Montreal has so many museums to choose from with tons of exhibits for you to choose from. For the classics, The Museum of Fine Arts is always a winner. For some more modern street art, we love Station 16.

Take a Trip to the Biosphere

biosphere environment museum rainy day montreal activity

Did you know the Biosphere has an environment museum? Head on over to Parc Jean-Drapeau and get inside the famous giant dome and find out more about its green technologies, exhibits, and guided tours. Learn a thing or two about different ways to protect the environment while you’re at it too.

Grab Your Favourite Book and a Coffee

Cafe Parvis Montreal Downtown Cafe (2)

Maybe you’re in the mood for a solo adventure in your mind (those are the best ones). Grab your favourite book and head over to one of our many coffee shops. Have a hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and get lost in a novel. Our favourite quiet nooks are at Café Parvis, Salon de Thé Cardinal, Café Aunja, and Café Falco.

Visit Some Animals

biodome environment museum rainy day montreal activity

The Biodome has so many incredible animals to visit. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love watching these animals in their natural habitat. The Biodome doesn’t put these animals in cages, but instead recreates their natural habitat and let them roam free. Walk along bridges and check out the animals on both sides, below, and above you. Our favourite part: the penguins.

Go to Outer Space

cosmodome space museum rainy day montreal activity

Well, not really, but almost. Head on over to the Cosmodome and learn about the wonders of the world beyond Earth. Their shows are incredible, because instead of watching a screen in front of you, you lie back and watch a screen on the ceiling, just as if you were star gazing.

Throw an Axe Around

sports de combats montreal 5

Sometimes, you have some anger you need to let loose. What better way than to throw an axe (at a target, of course)? Rage Axe Throwing is an awesome group activity where you can practice your throwing skills. We also love Sports de Combats for their axe throwing. Bonus: they also have archery and Nerf gun wars. Yup. Get on that.

Problem Solve Your Way Out of a Locked Room

A:Maze (1)

With escape rooms all the rage in Montreal, it’s the perfect rainy day activity for a stir-crazy group of friends. A/Maze, Ezkapaz, and Trapped are all popular options. Choose a room based on the theme of your choice and problem solve your way out of it. You’ll be timed and if you don’t figure out how to get out when the time is up, too bad! Guess you gotta try again!

Watch a Movie in Style

cineplex vip movie rainy day montreal activity

You can go to a movie anytime, but there are a few movie-watching experiences that are better than most. Check out the Cineplex VIP treatment. These movie theatres have comfier and bigger seats, a gourmet menu served straight to your seat, and booze. Obviously you gotta be 18+ to attend, even if it’s a G movie.

Eat Some Grub

chez tousignant restaurant rainy day activity montreal

Montreal has an incredible food scene, so an obvious option is going for lunch or dinner on a rainy day. Fun lunch options include Chez Tousignant, Parma Café, and Frais Fresh. For dinner, check out Elda, Pizzeria Gema, and Icehouse for a laid-back vibe, or Chasse-Galerie, Ristorante Lucca, or CHO for something a little fancier.

Go Shopping… Underground

underground city reso montreal rainy day activity

Montreal is well-known for its expansive Underground City, otherwise known as RÉSO. You can go shopping at hundreds of awesome stores, without ever having to set foot outside! If you take the metro, it’s also linked to various metro stations. The Underground City spans over most of Downtown, but the main shopping areas are connected. Les Cours Mont Royal, Place Montreal Trust, the Eaton Centre, and Les Ailes de la Mode are some of the best spots. Time to spend that hard-earned dollar!

Photos courtesy of the respective businesses, unless otherwise indicated.

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