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Dress for no one else but yourself, just be you.”

These are words to live by from a man who doesn’t believe in trends, but rather, in the power of self-confidence.

Montreal designer Travis Taddeo has been living and breathing all things fashion since a very young age. Living in his very own studio located on Montreal’s picturesque rue Saint-Paul, Travis immerses himself in his passion day in and day out. Oozing with natural light, greenery, and his latest designs, the work/home space promotes a sense of creativity, simplicity and joie de vivre… A little like Travis himself.

We recently met with Travis in his homey studio to discuss life, the dog-eat-dog world of fashion, his rising brand, and his plans for the future.

TRAVIS4 Travis Taddeo Montreal

How did you get into fashion?

I guess you could say I was born with it. I always wanted to be a rock star, but that didn’t really work out… So I went with fashion. I developed an interest for it at a very young age.

Where did you complete your studies in fashion design? 

I graduated from Montreal’s LaSalle College back in 2007 with a degree in menswear.

You were born in Calgary. Why did you choose Montreal to complete your studies?

Montreal was the place to be when I was younger. I had also looked into Toronto, but it wasn’t really booming yet in terms of fashion.

Travis Taddeo Montreal

What do you love about Montreal the most?

Freedom of expression. People are free-spirited and open in Montreal. I can pretty much do whatever I want here; I have no limits. It’s easy to be an up-and-coming artist in this city.

Finish the sentence: This weekend I will…

Clean my apartment! Kidding… I’ll probably be at Philémon. I love that place.

Where do you like to shop in Montreal?

Foot Locker and House of Hoops are my two favourite shops. I’m a big Nike fan; I don’t generally buy clothing unless it’s from them.

TRAVIS2 Travis Taddeo Montreal

Which Montreal designers do you admire? 

I have so many! NAEVE, she’s really fun to work with. The guys from UNTTLD are also great, always fun to be around. Sabrina Barilà from La Montréalaise Atelier is always a hoot. It’s not easy out there, you know. We’re a good group of up-and-coming artists that stick together; we share contacts all the time. If I had to pick only one, I’d say m0851 has the ideal business philosophy. Everything is made in Montreal using quality fabrics, and they’re just doing their own thing.

What are three fashion tips for creating the perfect outfit?

Dress for yourself and no one else, feel comfortable and sexy in what looks good on your body, and just be confident. I don’t believe in trends. Being yourself is important; fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s what we stand for. 

If you could describe your brand in just a few words, what would they be and why? 

Minimalistic edge. Our philosophy is about being clean, light, and different. 

TRAVIS3 Travis Taddeo Montreal

What key messages do you wish to communicate through your brand?

Originality, independence, confidence, and real beauty. Nowadays, women tend to think that a piece of clothing doesn’t look good on them because they have too much booty or too much bust. It’s important to embrace your curves because nothing is more beautiful than someone who is confident in what they are wearing. We see things differently here, so it’s our job to give these women the little extra boost of confidence that they need. 

Describe your creation process. Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. Most of the time, it’ll come from just a mood or a feeling, from my need to tell a story at that given moment. After that, it’ll be easy for me to find fabrics that best express these emotions. Then come the shapes and the silhouettes, and finally, the fashion shows or the photo shoots… That’s when you really get to tell your story.

What type of fabrics do you use to create your garments? 

I always use the best fabrics, but jersey is definitely my forte. I also enjoy using knit fabrics, silks, chiffons, leather, and fur… We’re known for those. I like to mix them all together. It’s all about layering for me, creating different levels and looks. The perfect outfit can be as simple as a great pair of jogging pants with a leather vest or a jersey tee.

Tell us a bit more about your Studio Sessions. What inspired you to create this intimate shopping experience?

In the beginning it was all about collaboration. I wanted to give younger designers the opportunity to share their creations. I think it’s also really nice to give people a homey space to shop in. 

TRAVIS5 Travis Taddeo Montreal

What can clients expect at the Empty Closet Edition?

We only host official sales maybe once or twice per year, especially during the months of January and February. This edition ends February 16th. You can expect collaborations with other Montreal-based designers and 50% off absolutely everything in store, fur and leather included.

What’s next for Travis Taddeo?

We’ve been able to create a seasonless, permanent line of clothing for both men and women, so we’ll be putting more focus on the product. I feel like it’s the beginning of a shift for us. I’ll see all sorts of people walk in here: men, women, teenagers, and 85 year-old women. Sometimes they’ll purchase the exact same item and it’ll look great on all of them. Whether you’re 16 or 60, if the piece feels right, just go for it. Our clothing is ageless.

We’ve also been trying to break away from the typical fashion scene, so I don’t plan on hosting any fashion shows this year. Now, I’m all about creating my own space, about growing my world into this one. I’ve played by the rules; I’ve done the fashion shows; I’ve created the extended world of Travis Taddeo.

I like to organize pop-up shops back at home in Calgary; we get a great response there. Last season, we brought in PARKLUXE for a fashion show and it was fun because my family came out to see the collection as well. Sometimes I like to design and source elsewhere, but I’ll bring my inspiration back here… A part of me will always remain in Montreal.

TRAVIS1 Travis Taddeo Montreal

Don’t miss out on the last few days of TRAVIS TADDEO’s Studio Sessions Empty Closet Edition (sale ends February 16th). It’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a unique piece, or five, at a fraction of the price! The Travis Taddeo’s Studio is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. Feel free to call and book an appointment for custom designs… Or if you simply want to get your shopping on outside regular hours.

You can keep up with Travis via Instagram and Twitter @travistaddeo, Facebook, or visit his website at: http://www.travistaddeo.com.

Photos by Tania Schiliro @madametadame, edited by LIKA.

209 Rue St-Paul O., suite 400, Montreal, QC

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