Written by Tania Schiliro on 04.02.14

Say hello to the newest member of Montreal’s glaze craze: Trou de Beigne. They’re deliciously hand-rolled, fried, glazed—and guess what? They can be freshly delivered to your front door! What better way to treat yourself on a lazy weekend than with a dozen sinfully scrumptious gourmet doughnuts in the comfort of your own home? All you have to do is place your order before 3:00pm the day before, and voilà, indulge away. Their flavour combinations are anything but ordinary. Here are some of our favourites:

Green Tea Matcha – Soft, moist and covered in a velvety green tea matcha glaze, with caramelized crispy rice to top it all off. A satisfying flavour you’ll thoroughly enjoy.
BlizzardOreo lovers, feast your eyes and please your taste buds! A rich chocolate doughnut, generously covered in Lindt white chocolate and topped with Oreo crumbs. Don’t forget your glass of milk…
S’More – True to its name, this decadent chocolate doughnut tastes just like a s’more. It’s glazed with Hershey chocolate, covered in Graham cracker crumbs and topped with roasted marshmallows. A great way to enjoy a s’more without having to leave the city or your couch for that matter.

Trou de Beigne doughnuts come in a variety of other fun, delicious flavours like espresso, nutella banana, gingerbread and even bacon and maple syrup. You can also pick them up at one of the following locations:

Café Olimpico (Tuesday to Sunday)
La Vieille Europe (Tuesday to Sunday)
Le Marché des Saveurs du Québec (Saturday)
Melk (Friday to Sunday)

Over the past few months, Montreal’s food scene has been exploding with unique, tasty desserts. These gourmet doughnuts are definitely worth every penny and every last calorie. Follow Trou de Beigne on:

Website: http://www.troudebeigne.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/letroudebeigne
Instagram: http://instagram.com/troudebeigne
Tumblr: http://troudebeigne.tumblr.com/

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