Written by Dahlia Merlo on 28.12.15

Even though we mostly cover the city of Montreal, we like to venture on the outskirts every once in a while, with the occasional trip across the bridge. To Laval. Before you say anything, we promise, it’s worth it.

Mr.-Puffs-Laval-Loukoumades Montreal Food Divas

Nestled in the middle of a strip mall is Mr. Puffs Pâtisserie Café. Yes, it may not look glamourous on the outside, but on the inside, we promise you’ll find heaven. Mr. Puffs is a Greek pastry shop that mainly serves loukamades among other delights.

Mr.-Puffs-Laval-Sugar-Loukoumades Montreal Food Divas

Loukoumades are deep fried balls of dough (so basically heaven) that are topped with your choice of the traditional honey, chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, caramel, or simple icing sugar (let’s amend our previous statement: heaven in your mouth).

Mr.-Puffs-Laval-Chocolate-Loukoumades-montreal food divas

You can order a box to go and bring it to a dinner party (or bring it home, you don’t have to share), or you can enjoy them there.

Mr Puffs Montreal Laval dahllii

For a little extra indulgence, try their Mount Olympus Sundae, a mountain of puffs topped with ice cream and chocolate, caramel, or berry. How very god-like!

Mr Puffs Montreal Laval (1)

If you stay for a bite, grab a coffee while you’re at it. Not a typical latte from your run-of-the-mill artisinal coffee shops (#latteart), but Greek style coffee, like a frappé or a freddo cappuccino. Both are cold drinks and both are delicious and reminiscent of Greece. Bonus points if you know how to order them in Greek.

Mr.-Puffs-Laval-Tiropita-cheese-pie-and-Freddo-cappuccino-coffee Montreal Food Divas

Stay for lunch and have a tiropita, their traditional Greek cheese pies. They’re warm, flaky, and stuffed full of cheese. You won’t regret it!

Mr Puffs Montreal Laval (3)

In the warmer months, expect to see the Greek community sitting outside Mr. Puffs with their coffee and cigarette, milling about all afternoon. It’s not a real terrace, per say, but they make do. It works for us!

Mr Puffs Montreal Laval (2)

If you want a true Greek experience, go to Mr. Puffs, have a coffee, a tiropita, and some loukoumades for dessert. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a Greek beach in Montreal!

Photos courtesy of Mr. Puffs, Montreal Food Divas (@mtlfooddivas), and Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii). Featured image courtesy of @eatingmtl

4879 Boul Notre-Dame, Laval, QC H7W 1V3
(450) 934-7007

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