Written by Imane Madi on 08.02.16

Not everybody has the same taste or has the same expectations towards food and the ambiance around it. Some couples like to wine and dine at their favourite restaurant, others like to grab a few drinks to loosen up, while others prefer a simple brunch to celebrate the holiday. To personalize your romantic outing this Valentine’s Day, here are some options according to what type of couple you are.

For the Early Risers: Brunch Urbain at Sinclair

Sinclair montreal brunch

Sinclair, located inside the hotel St-Sulpice in the Old Port, offers you a brunch during the weekend that will completely blow your mind. Trust us, if you need to impress your other half, this will do the trick!

For the Hopeless Romantic Couple: Les Deux Gamins

Les deux gamins montreal restaurant

Ah, Paris! Isn’t it every girl’s dream to take a stroll with her loved one on the Champs-Elysée and have a nice warm café au lait on those small stylish chairs that are so iconic? Worry no more! Les Deux Gamins is a hidden gem on Prince-Arthur with good portions, excellent service, and an authentic ambiance. Much cheaper than a plane ticket!

For the Wine Lovers: Pullman

Pullman montreal wine bar

If just reading the word ‘’wine’’ on the title gave you goosebumps, we’re talking to you! We recommend Pullman it for its excellent wine selection, the overly competent staff, and the required intimacy you’ll want for this kind of date (psst… even Anthony Bourdain loves it).

For the Adventurous Foodie Couple: La Khaima

La Khaima montreal restaurant

Can you hear that sound? It’s the sound of exotic music and large groups of people enjoying an excellent African meal at La Khaima. The food is from a country in North Africa, Mauritania, that is mainly populated by nomads. To express this, the restaurant is decorated in a way to make you feel transported straight to the desert. It’s a BYOW restaurant; last time we brought champagne for a big occasion!

For the ‘’Let’s have a drink and we’ll see’’ Couple: Mayfair

Mayfair montreal bar

If you’ve never been to Mayfair, you are missing out! Taking inspiration from the traditions of tea salons in the UK, Mayfair’s shtick is to make all their cocktails with a combination of tea and alcohol. It gets pretty creative and the decor transports you to another era!

For the Nostalgic Couple: Le 4ieme mur

le 4e mur montreal cocktail bar melboudreau (1)

If you want to feel exclusive, Le 4eme mur is for you. Founded by a group of extremely skilled bartenders, the bar hides their location, meaning you’ll have to write to them in order to make a reservation or to get the address. Brace yourself: they’ll transport you to an authentic speakeasy ambiance with a burlesque show on special nights. Bonus: if you’re a new Uber customer, they offer you a ride there (up to $20), in the most discreet way possible. Exciting, right?

Featured image courtesy of Mayfair. All other photos courtesy of their respective restaurant/bar. Le 4e Mur photo courtesy of @melboudreau.

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