Written by Dahlia Merlo on 20.01.17

Cirque du Soleil has done it again in the form of another spellbinding show that is sure to leave spectators in awe. This time, they’ve unwittingly tapped into present turbulent times, and even if they didn’t mean to, their show should be inspiring and hopeful.

VOLTA tells a story about the freedom to choose, and of building your own path to whatever your heart desires. It was inspired by the culture of action sports, of trailblazing your own way regardless of the hurdles that may try to stop you. Be dazzled by the acrobatics while listening to the beautiful melodic music that accompanies it, composed by M83.

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The acrobats tell the story of transformation and being true to yourself. It urges us to fulfill our true potential and to seek help, support, and guidance from others to aid us along the way. Freedom is a movement, and we must never stop moving.

The acrobatic story follows Waz, a popular gameshow host, who has pursed fame so extensively that he has lost touch with his true self. Waz then encounters free spirits who give him a peek into his inner soul, unlocking his true self that he’d kept hidden away in pursuit of glory.

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Will Waz be the comedic relief we’re so used to seeing and loving in Cirque du Soleil shows? Or will his journey be a sombre soul searching one? Whatever it is, it’s sure to be an incredible visual journey.

As a bonus, check out Cirque du Soleil’s Volta Facebook page for their “Freedom Moments,” a series about how VOLTA artists found their free. It’s sure to be inspiring!

If you want to be amazed, inspired, and motivated to take up acrobatic classes (really though, HOW do they do all these things?!), you’d better score some tickets for the show running from April 20th to June 11th, 2017. The show will beĀ Under the Big Top in Old Montreal, so expect Montreal to gather in large numbers. Tickets start at $39 and can be purchased here.

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