Written by Lexa Naguib on 05.04.14

Squirrel sushi anyone? Deer shank, perhaps? If this sounds weird to you, it won’t for long. Thanks to a pilot project recently launched by the Quebec government as part of the PQ’s Food Sovereignty program, select restaurants in Montreal will soon be allowed to serve wild game meat during hunting season! As early as this spring, squirrel, muskrat, hare, deer and beaver meat will make their debut in Montreal’s fine-dining scene!

Where will you be able to try these delicacies? Ten chefs throughout the province have been selected to show off Quebec’s unique gastronomy and history, and among them lie some of the biggest names in Montreal’s culinary scene! Joe Beef’s Chef David McMillian is thrilled to be participating. A known supporter of local products, he spoke about his long time aspiration to serve wild game. Another participating restaurant is Au Pied de Cochon, whose Chef Martin Picard actually lobbied for such meats to be introduced in Quebec restaurants. Finally, another advocate of the project who will soon be serving wild game is none other than Chef Normand Laprise from Toqué.

Until now, only farm-raised game could be served in Quebec restaurants. This new project could even be seen as a more humane way of doing things. Government officials have assured us that the specified meats present no danger to public health, do not represent endangered species, and that the practice will be properly managed. Needless to say, this project is a game changer (pun intended). Let’s see what the master chefs have in store!

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