Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 15.08.17

Harry Potter is a world of magic, potions, and fantasy. For those who are expecting to walk into The Lockhart and behold a Harry Potter theme park, you will be disappointed, because that is not the point. The point is to imagine that you are in the world where Hogwarts, magic, and potions exist. Now add a trendy bar with great food options in that world. That is what The Lockhart is. And sure, they may have wands to deter magical trouble and trophy heads because the owner could not part with his tamed griffin, but what’s impressive here are the creative and interesting drinks.

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The drinks at The Lockhart are all magically themed, though the over-the-top one is obviously The Flaming Arnold ($12.5) with its cotton candy set on fire. Each drink has the ounces of alcohol in it written on the side so you know exactly what you are getting into before you buy them. It’s a nice change from going to a bar, ordering a mason jar, and getting 1 ounce of alcohol. Lockhart’s drinks pack a wallop and don’t require a shovel’s worth of packed ice.

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The ‘Oh Hey There’ ($11) is a particularly nice creation, tasting like a sweet Disarronno sour. Better Beer ($10.25) is another winner if you like sweet creations, with its cinnamon infused tequila, whipped cream, and toasted marshmallow. Their forte, however is their shared cocktails. They have pitcher versions of some of their best drinks. The Inferi ($22.50) is one of the best with rum, pineapple, and homemade hibiscus syrup, which is again, set on fire.

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While The Lockhart is definitely standout as a bar, their liquor license does require people to grab a plate to eat. However, who cares when the food is delicious? Among others, the parmesan mushroom flatbread is extremely delicious. The truffle oil and strong salty parmesan makes a perfect counterbalance to the drinks. The Buttermilk Fried Horntail ($10) is a crazy fried chicken dish on cornbread with a spicy mayo. The Red-Eye Poutine ($12) is a solid poutine with a decadent espresso/gravy sauce.

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But if you’ve gotten to the end of the night and the drinks are making you forget about the idea of calories, then definitely try the French Toast pudding ($12). It is two fried sourdough pieces of French toast with banana, peanut butter, and bacon inside, drenched in maple syrup. Don’t worry, even if you have a calorie overload, the alcohol will keep you going.

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The Lockhart is a solid bar directly out of the magical world of Harry Potter that we muggles get to enjoy. Their drinks are strong, delicious, and often very creative. Their food is interesting and decadent and perfect to share among friends during a night of drinking. If you are a mega fan of Harry Potter, you will appreciate the subtle hints at the non-muggle world just beyond our reach. They are even doing brunch now with some of the same dishes modified for breakfast consumption.

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3979 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2W 2M4
(514) 379-1208

Photos by The Lockhart and Jonathan Brouillette (@darksteelangel).

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