Written by Tania Schiliro on 12.07.16

VertU brings a healthy kick to the already-vibrant Mile-End neighbourhood. We recently had the pleasure of attending the opening of this all-green-everything Montreal spot, and we loved every minute of it. Burrito bowls, salads, smoothies, fresh juices, and other delicious, healthy bites were all up for tasting.

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Our favourites of the night: the Tuna Titanic (lettuce blend, carrots, tuna tataki, broccoli, red and green onions, crisp ramen noodles, tamari almonds, avocados, cherry tomatoes, and a sriracha lime hoisin dressing) and Cardini (baby kale, romaine, grok parm bites, crispy beef salami chunks, pulled turkey, all-dressed bagel croutons, and creamy black pepper parmesan dressing) salads.

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We then paired these leafy greens with the Yellow fresh juice (pineapple, yellow beets, turmeric, lemon, ginger, and apples) and the Sauvage smoothie (açaí, wild berry blend, cherries, banana, ginger, almond milk, and maple syrup), which all together created a mouth-watering dining experience bursting with flavour!

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We love a concept with a cause. After facing some health issues, Andy Aboushaybeh (LABARAKE Caserne à Manger and Terrasses Bonsecours) set out on a quest to find healthier food alternatives. Several documentaries and recipe books later, he brought his ideas to his wife and partners, and together they gave life to VertU. Today, the newly-born health bar aims to inspire healthy living among its clientele.

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VertU offers variety to even the pickiest healthy eaters. Their menu ranges from made-to-order salads, to vegetable tartares, and to açaí bowls and fresh juices: all of which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and prepared with superfoods like kale. Delicious AND healthy! You can even pick up a bottle of refreshing flavoured water prepared in-house with the freshest ingredients.

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Inspired by cool California vibes, and oozing with eco-friendly Montreal appeal, VertU was designed with nature in mind. The spot brings together bright pastel colours, a fun tiled floor, which is just perfect for a shoe selfie (yeah, we’re all guilty), and a large infinity table surrounding an impressive nutritower. Basil, parsley, mint, lettuce, and tomatoes are all among the fresh ingredients that are grown all year round. We especially love the wall covered in paintings created by Montreal artists, and the outdoor terrace boasting some awesome street art!

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So next time you’re out walking in the neighbourhood, stop by and enjoy a healthy snack. A tasty burrito bowl, a refreshing smoothie, and some people watching…sounds like the perfect afternoon, doesn’t it?

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Featured image and photo #2 by Vert-U. All other images by Lika Photography.

125 Rue Saint Viateur O, Montréal, QC H2T 2L2
(438) 387-3717
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm

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