Written by Julia D'Adamo on 22.08.17

Summer 2017 has been full of patriotic festivities. While we all loved celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, we believe your Canadian heritage is something you should celebrate all year long. Moose Bawr, one of our favourite taverns in downtown Montreal, captures the vibes of the True North with every drink and bite to eat.

Moose Bawr Decor

Moose Bawr is located on Sainte-Catherine’s street right by Concordia University. The site is ideal due to its short walk from Guy-Concordia metro, and attracts flocks of university students hungry for a good night out. The inside décor is inspired by that chalet in Mont-Tremblant you’ve been visiting your whole life: rustic wooden furniture, moose-themed décor, and old school paintings hung up on the walls. The music brings back memories of a coming-of-age movie from the early 2000s, playing hits from Blink 182, Sum 41, Simple Plan, and the like. In the summer, you can also enjoy your drinks on their woodsy outdoor terrace.

Moose Bawr Terrace

Moose Bawr’s drink menu has so many unique drink options, there is sure to be something for everyone. A variety of both Canadian and imported beers are served by the glass, pint, litre, or das boot. Beware: the Beer Boot requires strategic drinking skills that only the best of beer drinkers can finesse. Nail it and impress your friends or face the consequences.

moose bawr montreal bar downtown 1

The bar also has a variety of “bomb shots” on the menu that range from the classic jager bomb all the way to the shiny disco bomb, a shot of Goldshlagger dropped into a glass of Red Bull. For those with a bit of a longer chug time, Moose Bawr has some amazing sangrias to sip on a hot summer’s day. Our favourite, the Cabane a sucre, keeps with the Canadian theme by mixing white wine, Bacardi spiced rum, maple syrup, soda, and fresh fruit.

moose bawr montreal bar downtown 6

In terms of food, Moose Bawr has some seriously delectable pub grub. Their speciality is their gourmet hot dogs, simply referred to as “dawgs”, made with fresh, local ingredients. We especially love the Canadian-themed Sugar Hammy, a pressed smoked ham and maple syrup sausage topped with cheddar cheese, spiced house relish and a roasted garlic dijonnaise. They also have a ton of amazing sides, like their avocado fries with a cilantro thai dip or their fried pickles served with a honey-dijon mayonnaise. Their deep fried mac and cheese is also to die for, especially when served in a poutine with maple gravy.

moose bawr montreal bar downtown 5

Bonus: As a bar that caters mainly to university students, everything is very fairly priced for students on a budget. Their lunch menu is a particular gem, with every item being only $4 plus taxes. This includes a variety of dawgs, wings, and sides. Also included on the $4 lunch menu are their Moose Tails for dessert: French toast poppers served with maple syrup.

moose bawr montreal bar downtown 2

Do you take pride in your stomach being a bottomless pit? The 8N8, Moose Bawr’s famous food challenge, has you try to eat eight selected items of food in under eight minutes. From 5:30pm onward, you can take a seat on their Moose Throne and try to scarf down a big sausage, big bun, chili, cheese, cheese curds, fries, gravy, and fried mac n cheese. Get ‘er done and the meal is on them, lose and cough up the price of the meal (which was probably way worth it anyway).

Moose Bawr Dawgs

Like we said, Canadian pride is the best pride, and there is no better place than Moose Bawr to load up on beer, dawgs, and maple-infused goodies. After all, that’s what we’re all “aboot”!

1817 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M2
(514) 846-6673

Photos courtesy of Moose Bawr.

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