Written by Ania Szneps on 26.12.16

Long gone are the days when vegan and vegetarian restaurants were hidden gems to be found only in dark and dingy spaces, and where the price for a veggie-patty burger rivalled that of a filet mignon steak.


Enter LOV Restaurant, located in Old Montreal. The beginning of December marked the new hot spot’s unveiling to the public. Guests were treated to a variety of amuse-bouches, including generous shots of LOV’s carrot-ginger soup of the day, bites of beet and cheese salad served in mini tree bark bowls, and some delicious veggie burgers served with a delectable sauce (that we personally are dying to find the recipe for). We even got some Asian flair with their roasted cauliflower with curry, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds.


Guests also had the chance to let loose and try out a new GIPH camera and take GIF-like pictures of themselves being pouty or silly (or both).


If you’re worried about budget, LOV has got you covered. A quick glance at the menu shows that this restaurant is fit for everyone, with home-made gnocchi going for $12, and a variety of burgers easily coming in at under $10.


Although it’s set in an industrial-style space, with the exposed brick walls painted white, there is no shortage of greenery present, as the entire space is filled with terrariums, aerariums, and a variety of vinery that can be found in between the restaurant’s fixtures.


A perfect mix of urban and hippie (as exemplified by the beautiful bicycle-converted-into-a-sink stand), LOV Restaurant is sure to satisfy your belly, aesthetic, and — arguably, most importantly — your wallet.


464 Rue McGill, Montréal, QC H2Y 2H2
(438) 387-1326

Photos courtesy of LOV.

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