Written by Dahlia Merlo on 11.01.17

What do the nautical life and Italian cuisine have in common? Not much, on first glance, but they definitely pair well in the restaurant scene! The beautiful nautical décor is a great backdrop when eating delicious food. No need to talk while chewing! Just take a look at all the details in its eclectic décor.


Enter Dolcetto & Co., an Italian restaurant from the Tomahawk Group, owners of Santos and Tommy as well. When Adam Zaitouni took over the kitchen, the restaurant did a back flip and landed with Simone Biles’ grace. What a makeover! While still retaining the flavours and vision of the original menu, Zaitouni was able to turn an average restaurant into one that is definitely crave-worthy.


You can still find pizzas and pastas on the menu, but oh – they’re so so delicious. We sampled pastas, pizzas, an incredible salumi e formaggi plate, meatballs, the works! We tried their delicious, original, and potent cocktails. Their cocktail menu got a revamp too, and we are definitely a fan!


First, the antipasto platter. You can either order an antipasto misto or you can make your own platter. They have delicious salumi and formaggi options you’ll definitely want to try. We loved the prosciutto di parma, the bresaola, the burrata, the boschetto al tartufo (think cheese + truffles = magic), the nduja, and the pecorino pepato. The platter is worth a visit alone.


Another appetizer worth tasting are the lamb and pistachio meatballs with pecorino pepato and arugula. Flavourful, tender, and a little slice of Italian Nonna heaven, you won’t want to share.


Our favourite pasta is the homemade roasted squash ravioli with parmesan, almonds, crispy kale, and brown butter. The crispy kale may sound too hungry with no business being on pasta, but trust us when we say that it was a perfect salty and crunchy addition to the delicious dish.


For the brave, squid ink cannelloni stuffed with swiss chard, mushrooms, goat cheese, and topped with pistachios and mustard sprouts is another winning dish. But you have to like squid ink. Which we do. In copious amounts. It takes us on a one-way trip to Venice (do we have to come back?).


Now onto the pizzas. Zaitouni perfected the Dolcetto & Co. pizza, showing us what he can do with a simple marguerita pizza with bufala and basil. Delicious! Dolcetto wowed us with their bianca pizza (meaning no tomato sauce) with butternut squash, gorgonzola, pancetta, and caramelized onions. It was slightly sweet and a little salty, and then the gorgonzola punch gave it added strength and depth of flavour.


For the shroom lover in all of us, the bianca with wild mushrooms, tartufo, goat cheese, and arugula is a winner. The earthy flavours pair well with the creamy goat cheese. Finally, they do an Italian classic well: the pizza with prosciutto, fior de latte, cherry tomatoes, and arugula is delicious and on point.


The best part about the menu at Dolcetto & Co. is that the portions are perfect for sharing. You won’t find the gargantuan pizzas from other pizzerias, but instead smaller ones (for a smaller price) that are perfect for splitting among friends. Head on over to sample delicious Italian-fare in Old Montreal.


151 Rue Saint-Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 1Z6
(514) 419-8522

Photos by Tomahawk Group.

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