Written by Natasha Vincelli on 04.03.16

If we are making you trek out to the West Island, you know it has to be for a good reason, and that reason is food. We know that the West Island of Montreal is kind of the social pariah at the food party but every now and again there is a diamond in the rough; that is exactly what Bombay Choupati is.

Bombay Choupati Montreal indian restaurant

This quaint, family-run Indian restaurant is the epitome of a “you gotta know it’s there” kind of place, buried in the corner of a strip mall. A “Mom and Pop” restaurant could not be a more accurate description of this joint. When you walk in, you will see both Mom and Pop in the kitchen and the other family members serving around the dining area.

Bombay Choupati indian restaurant montreal shoemielove

Great Indian food is hard to find even in downtown Montreal because you might not always get the best bang for your buck, but with Choupati that is no problem. Each dish ranges from $8-$12 and the portions are great – perfect for sharing, family style. But if you’re like Joey from Friends and you don’t share food, no problem, they make dinner combos for one at $13 ($10 for vegetarian combos).

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Although some might be shocked to find they don’t make samosas, you’ll forget all about samosas when you dive into their menu. Some of our personal favourites are: the butter chicken which has the perfect balance and isn’t too creamy, their goat vindaloo which is so richly seasoned with spices and star anise, and their daal which has great texture and flavour without overwhelming spice. They also offer three types of beer on tap as well as bottled beer and wine.

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If you love Indian food, no matter where you are in the city, this place is worth a visit.

5011 Boulevard des Sources, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 3L3
(514) 421-3130

Featured image by Instagram user @misslaurelle_.

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