Written by Alex Spina on 03.07.18

Crescent street just got a little younger with the addition of Dragon & Dame. This urban style pub offers a variety of fun things to do inside and on their beautiful terrace. One of the most exciting things about this pub is the quality of their cocktail menu. Itʼs evident that they take pride in demonstrating to Montreal that cocktails should be enjoyed by everyone as their prices are reasonable and the drinks are delicious.

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As we entered, we were welcomed by a very friendly staff and a beautiful bar located at the center of the pub. The decor has a classic pub feel with an urban menu. Their menu is set up so you can enjoy a variety of things with a group of friends, or splurge by yourself if you enjoy eating more than one menu item. They have starters, snacks, plates to share, and mains that range from nachos, fried baby shrimp, fried chicken tacos, and of course, burgers!

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We had the opportunity to try their nachos, which is everything youʼd expect! You can add chicken or stick to the classic pub style. The fried baby shrimp were delicious, served with its own sweet and mild dipping sauce.

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Another menu item we totally recommend for everyone is their Asian style cauliflower. Weʼre calling it Asian style because when it comes out it looks like general Thai chicken! The cauliflower is seasoned with a spicy sauce that manipulates its flavours, making it actually taste like chicken! It may be incorporated in the menu for vegans but it truly is something everyone can enjoy.

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Now, weʼve put emphasis on their cocktail menu, so letʼs introduce you to something weʼve never tried before. “The Mario Cart”: Limoncello, Grappa, pineapple juice. The flavours work in harmony as you taste the power of the grappa at first, but then that punch slowly drifts away into your palate as the sweetness from the limoncello and the pineapple juice take over. The drink is layered with flavours that are easily a favourite for everyone.

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Another cocktail that was another smashing hit is their “Smash Bash.” Gin, lime juice, simple syrup, basil, cucumber: incredibly smooth and refreshing! Enjoy this on the terrace during our hot summer months and you canʼt go wrong.

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While Dragon & Dame offers food and drink, you can also spice up your evening playing one of the several board games they have. They also have pool tables and a giant Jenga set that should be put to use. Maybe you and your friends can even lock the loser of your choice of game in the giant life size bird cage. Yup, they have that too.

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Go for a drink, a bite, or a game or two. Spend your night on the terrace or in the lively atmosphere of the bar. Whatever you do, check out Dragon and Dame this summer.

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Photos by Alex Spina (@kitchen___121) and Dragon and Dame.

1458 Crescent St, Montreal, QC H3G 2B6
(514) 439-8383

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