Written by Stephania Saridakis on 27.01.14

Le Moineau Masqué (The Masked Sparrow) is the type of place that adds charm to a city like Montreal. Like the name implies, this little café is nestled on a residential street amongst the beautiful homes of The Plateau, only a few steps south, away from the busy street of Mount-Royal.

Upon walking into Le Moineau Masqué, the atmosphere is light and airy: chairs of different symmetry and colour surround the rustic wooden tables and a sofa big enough for two rests against a wall. Blankets are offered, inviting you to cozy up with a coffee and book or even someone special.  Zen-like Japanese light fixtures hang from the ceiling, adding a personal final touch to this lovely place.

Fanny, owner of this café, is a cheerful young woman who prepares the coffee (supplied by 49th parallel and Café Saint-Henri) with technique and grace, finalizing all beverages with some design.  Homemade paninis and waffles generously drizzled with chocolate are provided in case hunger strikes, and for the gourmand, gluten-free cookies from Cookie Stéphanie sit on the counter aside a selection of fresh pastries from Arhoma.

When the weather permits, profit from the equally shabby and chic Sparrows garden, just off to the side of the café. What better way to enjoy a nice afternoon!

Le Moineau Masqué is a very student friendly environment and provides free Wi-Fi.  However, On Saturday and Sunday, their main table is reserved for those who would rather engage in casual conversation or play one of the board games supplied by the establishment.

912 Rue Marie-Anne Est, Montréal, QC H2J 2Z4
(514) 508-7850

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