Written by Dara Larocque on 13.12.14

In a city full of sky high buildings, bustling offices, and an incredible night life, it’s hard to imagine that Montreal was once just a small collection of houses and stores. One of the earliest settlements during the colonial period in Europe, Montreal has come a long way from its roots. Where Montreal Was Born, at the Pointe-À-Callière museum in the historic Old Montreal, takes the viewer a step way back in time to where Montreal began. This unique and interactive exhibition has something for all ages and reveals the rich history of our city like you’ve never seen before.

The exhibition itself takes you right back to where Montreal was born – literally. The archeological site is an original underground walkway that covers over six centuries of history and culture. The exhibition begins by taking you down a path to Montreal’s first Catholic cemetery. Through comprehensive archaeological digs from 1989, the Pointe-À-Calière museum was able to collect various artifacts and re-create imagery from one of the oldest known sites associated with Montreal.

The exhibition also goes back even further, to Canada’s aboriginal communities who inhabited Montreal over 360 years ago, with interactive areas that allow the viewer to learn about local customs and gender roles before the colonial period. Be sure not to miss the exhibit’s Market Day projection where you can relive daily life from 1750 in the city’s main public square.

This is one museum trip sure to astound and intrigue when you see how Montreal has evolved over the years to become the bustling metropolitan city it is today! For more information about scheduling and ticket prices for the exhibition, please visit the Pointe-À-Callière website.

350 Place Royale, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y5
(514) 872-9150

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