Written by Stephania Saridakis on 17.05.14

This independent coffee shop was one of the first to be a part of the third wave coffee movement that started to take off in Montreal a few years ago.

There is a very homey atmosphere upon walking into this narrow two-storey establishment: several laminated coffee-themed posters decorate the wall and wonderfully high ceilings with hanging industrial lamps are complemented by big windows that generously allow the light to pour in.

Everything is simple here at Pikolo Espresso Bar but coffee standards are high. Storeowner and barista, Marie-Ève Laroche, is a young woman whose driving force behind Pikolo is her love of coffee and serving it at its best.

“I always loved being in a coffee shop and bringing a community together. I want to make people realize that coffee isn’t just a commodity product that wakes you up in the morning or keeps you awake during finals,” explains Marie-Ève.

“I want people to drink it to enjoy discovering its origins, its roast style, its variety of notes. By doing that everyday, I expect having more and more people caring for drinking good coffee and drinking only for quality and not quantity.”

It is evident to anyone who enters Pikolo that the coffee shop’s aim is to share their passion and knowledge about coffee and to help coffee lovers understand the effort made to produce a well prepared cup of Joe.

Pikolo uses roasts from Phil & Sebastian in Calgary. All beverages are listed on standard chalkboard menus, portions slightly smaller than that of your cookie cutter coffee shops- but quality over quantity is something that is strongly implied here.  Delicious fresh baked pastries, scones, and croissants are also offered, in which the majority are baked on the premises.

Situated north of Parc and Sherbrooke, it’s the perfect location for McGill students and workers that frequent the surrounding area. Although Pikolo is constantly buzzing with people going in and out, we urge you to grab a seat by the window for the perfect spot to people watch.

Pikolo Espresso bar is a great place for coffee enthusiasts. If they haven’t already, Pikolo will surely seduce you.

3418 Park Avenue Montreal, QC H2X 2H7
(514) 508-6800

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