Written by Ania Szneps on 08.09.16

What better way to end the summer than with a celebration of colour? Enter Station 16 Gallery and artist XRAY. Station 16 is featuring XRAY’s pieces until September 10th, with an exhibition titled LOST PARADISE. The theme of the exhibition is a candy-coloured reference to tropical destinations, vintage ephemera, and all kinds of sweets.


Montreal-based XRAY is known for his usage of clean lines, cartooning, and unique typographic elements, as well as his wooden cut-outs and vibrant paintings. Hailing from Florida, the artist will help to bring you feelings of summer heat and Southern American flavour, as he credits his hometown with influencing his choice of colours, despite having travelled extensively from places like Texas to Japan to Alaska while growing up as an army brat. XRAY also takes influence from his early days as a graffiti artist in the ‘90’s, and hip-hop and skateboarding culture. The artist also likes to sample 1950’s advertising art in his pieces.


Some other sources of inspiration are: military insignia, nature, tattoos, tarot cards, secret society symbols, Japanese art, propaganda, videogames, science, and action movies. And while he may have started out in what some would consider less-than-savoury environments, don’t be fooled; XRAY has worked on commercial-themed projects for the likes of Disney and Universal Studios. However, since moving to Canada in 2008, XRAY has focused on creating his own unique brand of artwork.


So if you’re looking for something that will catch your eye and attention, you have a few days left to visit Station 16 Gallery and experience XRAY yourself. For more information, visit Station 16’s website.


Date: August 18 to September 10
Location: Station 16 Gallery, 3523 boul. St-Laurent
Price: Free


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