Written by Dahlia Merlo on 14.01.16

We don’t often urge you, dear readers, to head out to the West Island (by not often, we mean rarely, or never). BUT we have to make an exception this time. Your taste buds will thank us. Profusely.

SanPresso Montreal West Island (7)

You’ve all heard of Milano’s in the East End (if you haven’t, you must live under a rock), but if you’ve ever wanted something similar but on the other side of town, you’re in luck. SanPresso has opened its doors and our mouths are rejoicing.

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The cafe is pretty big with lots of room to sit, either with a big group or with a smaller more intimate crowd. They have large flat screen TVs lining the wall, making it the perfect spot to watch the game. They’ll be getting their liquor license soon, so you’ll be able to down more than just espressos while watching the match.

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The food is great. Now you have more options than simply the food court at Fairview after a day of shopping (it’s down the street)! The panini come in two sizes, small or large. Don’t expect a Subway 12 inch for the large portion. It’s the perfect size to split and share with a friend. We suggest ordering two different sandwiches and trying one half of each!

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We love the SanPresso Special, with sausage and steak filling up the panini. It’s meaty, juicy, and perfectly cooked. Another favourite is their chicken sandwich. The chicken is breaded and has a touch of sweetness to it that we can’t get enough of. Get your sandwich all dressed, with caramelized onions, hot peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and happiness.

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After your meal, get a cappuccino or latte to help you digest. Or just because you need coffee in your life for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (it’s how the Italians live, right?). They use Illy coffee so you know it’s going to be bomb.

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Last but not least, you must save room for dessert. Or if there’s no room, remind yourself of that spot in your stomach that is permanently reserved for dessert. Trust us. Because, 3 words: Deep. Fried. Oreos. Yup. Take a bite out of that. Seriously.

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Head down to the West Island ASAP for Italian style panini and gluttonous deep fried Oreos at SanPresso. You won’t have any regrets. We promise.

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Photos by Montreall.com’s Dahlia Merlo @dahllii.

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