Written by Dahlia Merlo on 17.05.17

Swanky hotels and local art just seem to go hand in hand, and we’re definitely not complaining! The Loft Hotel had a major relaunch last week and they put out all the stops to announce their arrival back in the city.

DJ Yo-C was spinning beats while guests mingled, sipping cocktails and munching on delicious food. Traiteur Brera was making mouthwatering cavatelli that we couldn’t resist. Buonanotte Traiteur was passing out super tasty bites we kept going back for.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 6

On the sweet side, loukoumades from Mr Puffs made our hearts sing and Bretzel‘s soft pretzels gave us that salty and sweet flavour we crave. The food was on point, a perfect set-up for an incredible evening.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 8

The hotel is stunning. The large banquet halls are perfect spaces to host varied events. With high ceilings and a beautiful set-up, it’s definitely a go-to spot and will absolutely wow your guests.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 1

The rooms are equally impressive. Again, high ceilings make all the difference, and the rooms are spacious and luxurious.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 7

What makes the rooms stand out even more, however, is the beautiful modern art on display. Sandy Cavallo of Arte Cavallo displayed her collection the night of their relaunch for her first solo exhibition. And boy did she wow the crowd.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 9

The pieces were practically made for the rooms. Her art was on display in 3 rooms, each having its own theme. The walls were adorned with scenes of Leo DiCaprio’s Romeo and Juliet; Johnny Depp’s gorgeous face was there for the world to see; and other celebrities were honoured with a portrait.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 5

Cavallo doesn’t only portray celebrities however. Her iconic and signature pout was on display as well, but this time with a 2017 revamp. Her focus on the female body is also notable, with curves for days you can’t keep your eyes off.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 10

Cavallo‘s medium is digital, so every piece was created and conceived on a computer screen, and then printed to come to life on your walls.

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 2

Every piece on display at the Loft Hotel is for sale. We secretly (or openly) hope the Loft Hotel adorns their walls with her art permanently. It’s the perfect fit!

Arte Cavallo x loft hotel montreal 4

If you want to purchase Cavallo‘s art, please visit her website here. Follow her on Instagram to see her process and support support support local artists!

334 Terrasse Saint Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 1E8
(514) 439-1818

Photos and video by Helpy Media.

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