Written by Erica Spina on 15.06.14

A Digital Spring in Montreal is being presented for the first time from March 21 to June 21, 2014. It is an event that exhibits the digital arts, connecting many different fields such as science, industry, and art. The idea behind the Digital Spring event in Montreal is to promote an already interesting and unique art scene, which is represented in other events, such as the luminous pathway in the wintertime.

Digital Spring is also an event made to expose artists who specialize in this type of art form. Michel Lemieux, a well-known Montreal digital artist, is this year’s first ever spokesperson. He, amongst other digital artists and the science community, are asked to come together during this time to showcase their work.

While Montreal has a reputation for its involvement in digital culture, this event brings together many of our well-known attractions, such as the second edition of the BIAN International Digital Arts Biennial, and the Elektra and Mutek festivals, which are celebrating their 15th anniversary. Many of the different artists’ work can be found at the Musée d’art contemporain, Metropolis, and the Place des Arts Esplanade. There are both outdoor and indoor events, each of which takes you on a journey into the digital world.

With different events being presented between mid-March and mid-June, it is certain that you will always have something to do. The different installations, shows, and events all feature something new and exciting, constantly piquing your interest with a new wave of art.

With only a few days left of Digital Springs (which will mark the start of a new season), go on an adventure to a digital world and explore what Montreal’s art scene has to offer.

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