Written by Kevin Horng on 04.06.15

Montreal Ribfest is coming this summer. The minds at Le Smoking BBQ thought the city of Montreal needed a Ribfest considering our neighbours down in Burlington, Ontario host the biggest Ribfest in the North. Let’s see if we’ve got BBQ in our city.

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The Old Port of Montreal will play host to the city’s first ever Ribfest on Saturday, June 27th to Wednesday, July 1st. Montreal has recently been doing well in the BBQ area. The Montreal rotisserie chicken game is on point and we have a steak spice named after our city, so we’re arguably a great city for BBQ in the summer. Even during the colder seasons, if you prefer it, we do enjoy some winter barbecuing from time to time.

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While our BBQ game is strong, it is undoubtedly different. When we think BBQ, we think of southern states like Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, New Orleans, and so on. These states, known for their BBQ, are generally restricted to their traditional styles. In Montreal, however, there are no rules: it’s the Wild Wild North up here in Canada. For Ribfest, we’re expecting appearances from the likes of restaurants such as Romados, Chalet BBQ, Icehouse, Blackstrap, Tejano, Diablos, Dinette Triple Crown, and much more.

There are no confirmed appearances yet but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any incoming news about Ribfest.

For general information, you can visit the Ribfest Facebook event.

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