Written by Sabrina Bertolo on 08.07.14

Thousands of dollars and months of work go into planning your perfect wedding day. Every single facet, from guests to food, is a main priority. The day flies by and while the memories will last a lifetime, having authentic and beautiful wedding pictures to look back on should definitely be at the top of your list! Wedding photos that are taken in the Old Port are always classy and will always be a beautiful place for couples to take pictures, but we thought some of you might want to venture off the beaten path. We’ve helped you propose and pick your venue, now let us help you pick the perfect spot for capturing those memories. Take a look at our compilation of original spots in Montreal for an amazing collection of wedding photos.

La Ronde 

We can guarantee that you will be the only one in your inner circle taking wedding photos at an amusement park. The tall structures and crowds of people make for an incredible and original backdrop. Newlyweds can take pictures playing some of the fair games or eating some colourful cotton candy. For the adventurous couple, take a GoPro along with you on a ride for a few in-the-moment pictures filled with adrenaline and lots of laughter. Finally, for an unforgettable photo, be sure to stick around for La Ronde’s stunning fireworks. A newlywed couple photographed in front of the bursts of colour in the night skyyou can’t get more romantic than that.

22 Chemin Macdonald, Montréal, Québec, Canada H3C 6A3
(514) 397-2000


Montreal is home to some of the most beautiful murals. If you’re marrying an artist or can appreciate the true beauty behind large-scale art, posing alongside some of the city’s mural art is the perfect place to start. A posh-dressed couple in black and white is the perfect contrast to the colourful spray painted walls. A summer wedding works perfectly for this idea since Montreal hosts an annual Mural Festival in June.

Montreal Attractions

Any couple that considers themselves to be lucky to live in this wonderful city should definitely consider posing by a collection of Montreal’s staple attractions. The Olympic Stadium is such a beautiful and iconic building that truly shows off your pride as a Montrealer. Make sure to strike a pose worthy of the world’s tallest inclined tower.

4141 Avenue Pierre-de Coubertin, Montréal, QC H1V 3N7
(514) 252-4141

The Clock Tower Beach is yet another picturesque venue for your dream day. Built between 1919 and 1922, the clock tower marks the beginning of the Old Port and has great historical significance to our city. This vintage spot would also be the perfect place for a few black and white pictures.

Rue Quai de l’Horloge, Montréal, QC H2L 5C1
(514) 496-7678

The Botanical Gardens have to be one of Montreal’s most beautiful sites. The vast array of colours will add an incredible pop to your wedding photos. With nature at its finest, the gardens offer you the opportunity to take photos inside their greenhouse and also on the grounds. The Japanese tea garden is quiet and serene which makes for an optimal photo shoot of unforgettable memories. The Gardens also feature many greenhouses and outdoor gardens that are flower-specific. The bride may choose to synchronize her photos with the accent flowers she has chosen for the wedding. The Orchids and Aroids greenhouse is a beautiful option, and the flowers are absolutely breathtaking. You could not ask for a more natural and eye catching way to capture this special day.

4101 rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal, QC H1X 2B2

The top of Mount Royal, also known as Kondiaronk Belvedere, is possibly one of the best views you will ever see of Montreal. What was once an active volcano (over 125 million years ago) is now a main attraction for tourists and Montrealers alike. A picture of the newlyweds with this scenic view along with a picture beside the iconic cross are definite staples for any Montreal-loving couple. If the newlyweds also happen to love picturesque scenery, Beaver Lake is a gorgeous option and will definitely capture the couple’s fairytale day impeccably. Finally, as an ode to Sir George-Etienne Cartier, the newlyweds can be photographed in front of the monument, adding a little flair and a lot of love to this Montreal hot spot.

1260 Remembrance Road, Montréal, QC H3H 1A2
(514) 843-8240

Westmount Library

Constructed between 1898-1899, the Westmount Library is the ideal place for classic wedding photos. The grounds are vast and an unbelievable greenhouse is featured just beside the library. For the serious book lovers, take your photos inside the library amongst the books. Deciding to use this impressive red stone building as the back drop to your wedding photo shoot is a wonderful idea considering it houses all of history’s most beautiful love stories.

4574 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Westmount, QC H3Z 1G1
(514) 989-5299

No matter what venue you choose, what food you eat, or how many people you invite, your wedding day will finally be complete with pictures of you and the love of your life. Be sure to choose authentic and picturesque places to capture the day you’ve been dreaming of. Also, don’t forget to share your photos with us. Nothing is more beautiful than a couple in love.

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